"The Cardus Education Program addresses the benefits and value of diverse learning systems so that parents can make informed choices on the education that is best suited for their children. This is a great resource for the media, educators, parents and graduates." - Dr. Peter Froese, former Executive Director, FISA BC

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What Colleges Deliver to Their Graduates
REPORT March 16th

"Does it make much difference whether you go to a public college or a private secular college or a religious college? That's one of the many questions students and their parents have in mind when they're facing the tough decision on what the next step beyond high school ought to be."

An Assistant Professor at the University of Arkansas, Albert Cheng joins Paul E. Peterson on the EducationNext podcast to discuss Cheng’s new paper, which reports findings from a survey of college alumni about their experiences in higher education and afterward.

The paper, “What Do They Deliver? A Report on American Colleges and Universities,” co-written with David Sikkink, is available here.

Redeeming the Value of Higher Education
REPORT March 6th

We need to start a broader conversation about the aim of education. "It’s not just about, say, job prospects. It’s also about discerning vocation and finding formative connections on campus that affect family and community relationships after graduation," writes Cardus Senior Fellow Dr. Albert Cheng.

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