"The Cardus Education Program addresses the benefits and value of diverse learning systems so that parents can make informed choices on the education that is best suited for their children. This is a great resource for the media, educators, parents and graduates." - Dr. Peter Froese, former Executive Director, FISA BC

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Who Chooses Alberta Independent Schools and Why
REPORT September 1st

This paper is the final edition of a three-part, pan-Canadian series investigating the perceptions of independent-school parents. Using the same research question and methodology as the British Columbia (BC) and Ontario versions, this paper examines the findings in Alberta.

Click here to read a one-page summary of this report.

To check out the British Columbia findings, click here.

To check out the Ontario findings, click here.

Alberta Independent School Families Have Below Average Incomes
REPORT September 1st

Vast majority of families scrimp and save to afford average $4,000 annual tuition

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