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Homeschoolers and Harvard
REPORT May 14th

Are homeschooling parents unqualified, or worse, dangerous? 

Between the Arizona Law Review and a Harvard Magazine article, the question has catapulted into controversy. Elizabeth Bartholet, professor of law at Harvard, cited the Cardus Education Survey to assess homeschool graduate outcomes. Cardus Education Director David Hunt jumps into the conversation again on Medium. 

The Social Realities of Homeschooling
REPORT May 7th

In a recent University of Arizona Law Review article, Elizabeth Bartholet, a Harvard law professor, claims that the "homeschooling regime poses real dangers to children and to society," writes Cardus Senior Fellow David Sikkink.

"Traditional public schools continue to face imposing obstacles to achieving public purposes, especially as conceived by Bartholet. The question of schooling oversight remains, of course, but it would be short-sighted not to keep homeschooling and other creative schooling options in the mix, including the hybrid models that cross sector boundaries. In a COVID world, homeschooling may have something to teach us."

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