"The Cardus Education Program addresses the benefits and value of diverse learning systems so that parents can make informed choices on the education that is best suited for their children. This is a great resource for the media, educators, parents and graduates." - Dr. Peter Froese, former Executive Director, FISA BC

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Flexible Education in an Age of Disruption
REPORT August 19th

The choice in schools ought to be more in the hands of parents and kids than it currently is.

David Hunt, Director of Cardus Education, joins Newstalk 1010 to talk about re-imagining what public education is.

Let's have diversity of school choices
REPORT June 16th

The fact that in Canada there is a near-monopoly on schooling suggests this country isn’t as free and diverse as many of us might think, reports the Financial Post.

"[R]ecent surveys from Cardus, a think-tank, find that graduates of independent schools are more likely to volunteer and donate to charity. A recent Cardus report also noted that Ontario’s coronavirus-induced transition to learning-from-home was more efficient at independent schools. Although the province announced March 12 that its schools would close 'it was not until April 6,' according to the report, 'that teacher-led learning resumed with limited instructional support … By contrast, Ontario’s independent-school administrators and teachers worked through spring break to ensure a rapid transition with minimal educational disruption.'"

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