"The Cardus Education Program addresses the benefits and value of diverse learning systems so that parents can make informed choices on the education that is best suited for their children. This is a great resource for the media, educators, parents and graduates." - Dr. Peter Froese, former Executive Director, FISA BC

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David Hunt

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The Emergency in “e-Learning”: What is Education For?
REPORT April 27th

The education being undertaken during the days of closed school buildings is not e-learning because it's happening electronically, nor homeschooling because it's taking place in our homes, writes Cardus Education Director David Hunt.

COVID-19 has highlighted how every person, home, family, and kid is different. "So why do we keep trying to force kids into the same, big educational mould — especially now that we have the technology and capacity to do things differently?" asks Hunt.

The current crisis sheds light on how a truly pluralistic education ecosystem benefits all, not just a few.

Statement on the Passing of William Voortman
REPORT April 14th

Co-founder of Voortman Cookies was a philanthropist deeply involved in organizations he supported.  

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