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Toward a Warmer Climate

Warming the climate for non-government schools in Canada is about enriching the soil for the next generation of gradutes. Public education is bigger than just government schools. The Toward a Warmer Climate project celebrates the contribution that non-government religious schools make to public education.

It's time Ontario warmed up to education diversity
Do Ontario Private Schools Get a Bad Rap?

The Cardus Education Survey found that private schools are as attentive to the public good as public schools. Investing in a small but healthy non-government sector keeps the whole eco-system strong and accountable. Cardus is committed to reviving the policy conversation because we believe that greater diversity in the education system can support our common life together.

Many Canadian provinces have a strong story to tell around opening up diversity and cultivating the contribution of non-government religious schools. Cardus commissioned Derek Allison, Emeritus professor in the education faculty at Western University, to consider the health of the system and to review the work of the 1985 Shapiro Commission into Private Schools. Allison's paper for Cardus recommends that greater diversity in education fosters a stable, orderly, and integrated society. At Cardus we are sharing these policy stories and posing the question: Could a warmer climate for school sector diversity improve public education in Canada?

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On November 5, 2015, Cardus gathered experts from across the country to develop recommendations for Ontario.
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