"Cardus Family is a unique and important voice in Canada, highlighting important data and research to strengthen the family as an institution, and thereby the society at large." Brad Wilcox, Professor of Sociology and Director of the National Marriage Project at the University of Virginia

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Peter Jon Mitchell

Program Director, Family (Acting)

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Encouraging Faith and Family
REPORT June 27th

The issues of social isolation and loneliness in Canada are important challenges in our times, writes Cardus Executive Vice President Ray Pennings. Instead of doing away with family life and religiosity as an attempt at social progress, we should recognize the good these factors play in our lives.

Don't pity the single ladies, author says — they're probably happier than you
REPORT June 7th

New questions have arisen in the media about the value of marriage, including claims that the happiest women are those who stay single and never have kids. Relationships and life choices are complex, to be sure, but what does the research say? Listen to how Cardus Family Program Director Andrea Mrozek defended the institution of marriage on CBC Radio’s The Current.  

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