"Cardus Family is a unique and important voice in Canada, highlighting important data and research to strengthen the family as an institution, and thereby the society at large." Brad Wilcox, Professor of Sociology and Director of the National Marriage Project at the University of Virginia

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Peter Jon Mitchell

Program Director, Family (Acting)

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Married Parents Happier with Family Life, Have Fewer Doubts Than Cohabiting Parents
REPORT March 14th

New data suggest marriage matters for adults’ satisfaction and assurance about the future.

Women's Happiness, Women's Health
REPORT March 4th

This paper marks International Women's Day 2019 by asking whether it is possible to be both pro-woman and pro-life.  

It highlights the diverse voices and views of early feminist leaders like Mattie Brinkerhoff and Victoria Woodhull to discuss the various kinds of "feminisms" that have existed over time, and the diverse claims they have made regarding abortion. Drawn from a speech given to the deVeber Institute, Andrea Mrozek challenges both pro-life leaders and feminist leaders to broaden their tents, remember their roots, and renew the conversation about how best to advance women's happiness and women's health.

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