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Peter Jon Mitchell

Program Director, Family (Acting)

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Creating Equitable Child Care Policy for Canada
REPORT September 5th

Canadian parents rely on diverse care options for their children. Federal policy-makers can develop a narrative that encourages child care policies that are equitable for all families.

Recent Statistics Canada data show that parents depend on diverse forms of care to best meet the needs of their family. This includes the 40 percent of parents with children under six who do not use non-parental care. However, funding is primarily directed to centre-based care. How can the federal government include all families in its child care policy?

Marriage No Longer Ignored in Ontario’s Sex-Ed Curriculum
REPORT September 1st

The benefits of a healthy marriage are compelling reasons to address the topic with students, writes Acting Program Director of Cardus Family Peter Jon Mitchell. The sex-education component of Ontario’s new health and physical education curriculum for grades 1 to 8, released on Aug. 21, 2019, refers to the topic of marriage. This is the first time the Ontario elementary health curriculum has included this topic.  

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