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Donate to support Cardus Health

Cardus is launching a new project dubbed Cardus Health. With this project we hope to reframe these good conversations around end-of-life care by situating them in the context of natural death, social architecture, and the continuum of care. We want to highlight and enhance the non-government institutions at the forefront of care for our families. We want to rekindle a respect for human dignity, and the human person. We want to encourage more people to see end-of-life care embedded into our larger social structures. And we want to bring together leaders in health care, policy makers, and the broader public in order that these conversations can see renewal, innovation, and dialogue throughout many regions of Canada.

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Cardus has a track record for thoughtful, sound research, and we believe we have a contribution to make to this conversation. We need your help. Research that stands up in the public square requires resources. We need to raise $15,000 to cover the expenses associated with this original research, with getting our message out, and with connecting palliative care leaders and policy makers. Your fully tax-receiptable gift of $50, $150 or more can help change the conversation.

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