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Building Instability
REPORT August 3rd

The new 2016 Census family data has been released. This new information will help us understand how marriage, divorce, cohabitation, and many other indicators are faring in our country. Data comparison with years gone by is more difficult this year, given the way in which Statistics Canada is presenting the data. In many instances, the disparate family forms of cohabitation and marriage are lumped together.

How "Women's Equality" is Used as a Pawn in Daycare Policy
REPORT August 1st
Responding to the Sexual Revolution
REPORT July 11th
An interview with British psychiatrist Glynn Harrison, author of A Better Story: God, Sex and Human Flourishing
How Ontario's labour law changes will affect unions
REPORT June 21st
Too much political influence increases the distance between unions and workers at the shop level, causing workers to see the state, not unions, as the primary advocate for the protection of their rights. And this is a disease, maybe even the death knell, for the labour movement.
What Should Parents Think About Bill 89?
REPORT June 16th

A spate of media articles has caused Ontario parents real concern. Here’s what happened and where parents should—and should not—be concerned.

Cardus What Makes A Good City Forum
REPORT June 9th
As Canadians get set to revel in urban summer life, Cardus considers the question "What makes a good city?" Join us as we examine the complexities that give the city the aura of a living organism.
School Effects on Graduate Outcomes in Quebec 2016
REPORT June 8th

Because of historical, cultural, and governmental differences between Quebec and the rest of Canada, we have considered responses from Quebec high school graduates separately from the primary Cardus Education Survey 2016 report. This research brief reports the findings from Quebec, where it seems that schools may be choosing between an emphasis on faith formation or academic and civic formation.

What Makes a Good City for Families?
REPORT June 5th
Andrea Mrozek spoke on what makes a good city for families at the "What Makes a Good City?" event held in Ottawa on June 1, 2017.
City Soul Explorer Toolkit
REPORT May 31st

The City Soul Explorer Toolkit offers four modules and practical tools to facilitate communication and closer collaboration between city planning and faith-based organizations. The Toolkit outlines a way in which the often distinct worlds of city planners and administrators and community-serving religious organizations can be bridged and brought closer together to build the social capacity of cities, towns, and neighbourhoods.

Phoenix: PSAC chief's "don't forgive" argument weakens union
REPORT May 11th

Robyn Benson’s charge to her members over the payroll debacle is at the heart of why unions in Canada are in decline.