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Additional Resources for Social Capital
REPORT September 1st

Trust, cooperation, and belonging are vital contributors to resilience. How well do understand these dynamics at neighbourhood levels?

Additional Resources for Subsidiarity
REPORT September 1st

Vibrant civic life requires effective balancing of freedom and responsibility at all scales of society. How do we discover and foster this balance?

Canadian Millennials and the Value of Marriage
REPORT August 24th

How do millennial Canadians perceive the role of marriage in family life and its function in society? Canadian Millennials and the Value of Marriage is the fourth of five parts in the Canada Family Life project and is based on data from Nanos Research.

Is God transgender?
REPORT August 19th

A reform Rabbi writing recently in the New York Times makes this case using the Hebrew Bible as justification. In reality, God transcends gender, responds Rebecca Walberg.

Exploiting women through childcare
REPORT August 10th

When subsidies go to childcare spaces or centres, rather than directly to parents, these act as a form of soft coercion.

Gender quotas don't help businesses – they don't even help women
REPORT June 29th

The evidence from studying quotas show neutral or negative results, both for women's advancement and company performance.

Taking Pressure Off the Foster-Care System
REPORT June 28th

Helping families, combating social isolation, building strong communities: It's all in a day's work for Jennifer Francis, executive director of Safe Families Canada. Andrea Mrozek, program director of Cardus Family, talks with her about the charity she founded in Canada, and the needs and challenges they face.

Valuing Toronto's Faith Congregations
REPORT June 16th

Churches and faith communities of various traditions have a great deal to offer to society and to the common good. Typically, these contributions have focused on qualitative contributions that congregations make to the cultural, spiritual, and social well-being of the communities that surround them. Few studies, however, have assessed these contributions in quantitative monetary terms. Even fewer, qualitative or quantitative, have begun to explore how these realities might create a space for faith communities at the social policy table. Welcome to the Halo Project.

The Canada Family Life Project
REPORT June 1st

Canadians place a high value on family. Yet a number of obstacles threaten their ability to achieve the family lives to which they aspire. Nanos Research reveals a number of gaps between Canadians’ realities and their expectations, especially regarding children and child care, the role of marriage, and care for aging parents and the elderly.

Plus: download the Nanos Research data reports and crosstabulations:
CARDUS Fertility Intentions Summary
CARDUS Family Life Summary
CARDUS Caregiving Summary

Additional Resources for Charity
REPORT June 1st

Though seldom sensational, Canada's charitable activities are essential to our civil society. Our charities provide meaning, purpose, and belonging amid the dark labyrinths of alienation that characterize our time.