Our Research

Loneliness and Social Isolation
REPORT June 29th

This backgrounder is intended to provide context for Cardus’s focus on loneliness and social isolation. Cardus research is intended not only to raise awareness and provide insight into a particular area of public life, but also to stimulate action and behavioural changes that have a positive impact on social flourishing.

Structural Challenges to Personal Support Worker Funding
REPORT June 29th

The shortage of personal support workers, the most numerous group of frontline workers in LTC homes and the group responsible for the majority of hands-on care, is acute. But why is this happening?

Pressing Its Luck
REPORT June 9th

How Ontario lottery and gaming can work for, not against, low income households

The Canadian Marriage Map
REPORT May 27th

A compilation of data on marriage

Flexible Education in an Age of Disruption
REPORT May 25th

Embracing Innovation and Diversity in Ontario K–12 Education

Pursuing Excellence in Christian Education: Experiential Learning
REPORT April 8th

A Case Study of Pacific Academy

Pursuing Excellence in Christian Education: Parent Involvement
REPORT April 8th

A Case Study of Our Lady of Lourdes Elementary School

Pursuing Excellence in Christian Education: Building Community
REPORT April 8th

A Case Study of Woodland Christian High School

An Institutional History of Religious Freedom in Canada
REPORT April 3rd

This paper aims to provide a historical context for why freedom of religion and conscience is foundational to Canadian democracy, diversity, pluralism, and to our common life as human beings living in this place, this Canada.

A Call to Action to Support Canadian Civil Society in Response to COVID-19
REPORT March 20th

Cardus is offering a clear plan of action to equip Canada’s governments to supply immediate financial support to charities in order to protect their capacity to provide crucial front-line services during and after the immediate crisis.