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Who Chooses Independent Schools in British Columbia and Why?
REPORT August 21st

Who chooses independent schools and why? 

A number of studies have explored this research question, but it has been over a decade in Canada and four decades in British Columbia (BC) since extensive parent surveys were conducted to answer these questions. With 608 representative independent school parents, using an online questionnaire with the same research question and comparable methodology, this study examines whether the Ontario findings from 2007 hold true in BC twelve years later.

To read a summary of this report, click here.

Who Chooses Independent Schools in British Columbia and Why? (Summary)
REPORT August 21st
Cardus Education Survey 2018: From the Classroom to the Workplace
REPORT August 19th

This report from the 2018 Cardus Education Survey examines the school sector effect on education and career outcomes for graduates of nongovernmental and public schools in the U.S. It is based on a representative survey of 1500 randomly selected American high school graduates (ages 24-39). The Cardus Education Survey includes a large number of controls for many factors in student development such as parental education, religion, and income, to isolate a school sector's particular impact.

The Changing Face of Payday Lending in Canada
REPORT June 26th

In this paper, Cardus continues its multi-year study of the payday loan market in Canada and evaluates which policies are working, which are not, and what yet remains unknown about payday loans, consumer behaviour, and the impact of government regulation on the supply and demand for small-dollar loans.

Testimony to the City of Toronto's Executive Committee
REPORT June 6th

The City of Toronto is considering the adoption of a fair and open contract bidding policy for all its public construction projects. So, the city invited Cardus Work & Economics Program Director Brian Dijkema to testify before Mayor John Tory’s executive committee on June 6, 2019, providing a research-backed take on the city’s procurement policy. Click here to read the testimony Brian provided.

The Facts on Fair and Open Contract Bidding
REPORT June 5th
Halacha and Civil Society
REPORT April 30th

In this speech given at a CRFI symposium in Ottawa, Rabbi Dr. Reuven Bulka offers personal reflections on how the respect (or lack of respect) for religious freedom in Canada has helped or hindered the Jewish community's participation in public life.  Offering his prognosis and concerns for the future of religious freedom in Canada, Rabbi Bulka explores examples of cooperation, conflict, and relevant court cases that have shaped the present relationship between civil and Jewish law in Canadian society.

Education Reform in Canada
REPORT April 25th

This paper is based on the discussion of education reform at an event in the Cardus Ottawa office in March 2019. The panel consisted of Ray Pennings, Danielle Smith, and Deani Van Pelt. They discussed a global perspective on education, conservative and business perspectives on education, and spurring innovation in education. 

Religious Schools: Seedbeds of Civic Virtue in the Culture War?
REPORT April 4th
Judaism and the Social Order
REPORT March 26th

Two Models for Accommodation

In this paper, Jonathan Milevsky explores Jewish understandings of the social order by examining the thought of two influential 20th century rabbis, David Novak and Emil Fackenheim. This paper is the second in a series of three papers published by the Cardus Religious Freedom Institute on the intersection of civil law and Jewish law (halakha). It was delivered at a CRFI symposium at the Ottawa Torah Centre in November 2018.