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Navigating Religious Diversity in the Workplace
REPORT October 2nd

A key component of diversity is religion. Businesses, workplaces, and other public spaces can be more attentive to matters of faith. This two-pager provides four steps for businesses to follow in order to more deliberately and systematically make room for religious diversity in the workplace.

Shortchanging Ontario's Cities
REPORT September 25th

A review of the municipal budgets of the affected cities in Ontario shows that over $2 billion worth of public construction work in Ontario is subject to oligopolies annually. And a survey of estimated costs that come as a result of these municipalities being forced to work outside of procurement best practice show that these restrictions are costing Ontarians on average $370 million per year.

Our research shows that closed tendering remains an ongoing challenge for Ontario municipalities that are struggling to build and maintain the infrastructure that serves its citizens in their daily lives, and that is necessary for sustainable economic growth in the province.

Why is Sex Ed Silent About Marriage?
REPORT September 5th

Meet Ontario’s new old sex ed, same as Ontario’s old new sex ed, writes Cardus Family Director Andrea Mrozek. Meanwhile, Mrozek notes, the proven, enduring good of marriage gets crickets.

Mapping Independent School Associations in Canada
REPORT September 2nd

This paper is a first effort to understand the place of school associations in the Canadian independent school landscape. 

These associations strengthen the voice of the independent school sector, increase capacity, and promote values and standards among the diverse forms of quality non-government K-12 education. Within this paper are mapped the functions of 56 provincial, national, and international education associations from across Canada.

Qualified Independent Schools in Saskatchewan
REPORT September 1st

Six years ago the province of Saskatchewan created an additional funded independent school category: Qualified Independent Schools. This paper examines changes in enrollment and independent school distribution between 2011/2012 and 2017/2018—the six-year period following the introduction of Qualified Independent Schools in Saskatchewan. 

This innovation provides the unique opportunity to observe how the independent school sector responds to substantive policy change. 

Skimming Off the Top
REPORT July 16th

The evidence is in: Restricted contract bidding based on union affiliation is not in the public interest. Skimming off the Top uses industry benchmarks and best practices to evaluate procurement policy for public infrastructure construction. This paper explores the cost implications, but also goes beyond those numbers to consider the effects that the diversion from best practices can have on the construction industry, workers, and the public good.

“A child born of a three-way” and Newfoundland law
REPORT July 10th

In a decision delivered in April 2018, a Newfoundland court recognized three legal parents (two fathers and one mother), based on the throuple’s sexual relationship 

Religion is Good for Canada: Can We Figure it Out?
REPORT June 22nd

Cardus Executive Vice-President Ray Pennings addresses the annual Ideacity conference on the topic of God & Nature.

Cohabitation Among Middle-Aged Canadians
REPORT June 20th

A new report finds that marriage is declining as cohabitation rates double among middle-aged Canadians.

Peace, Order, and Good Government
REPORT May 17th

Hon. Jason Kenney on government, civil society, and the common good.

With Jen Gerson, Pat Nixon, and Ray Pennings 

May 17, 2018 | Glenbow Museum in Calgary, AB