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With the support of the Calgary Foundation a wide range of local leaders, Cardus summarized our work done during City Planning consultation, a series of 2013 community roundtables, and an extensive number of smaller meetings and produced the "Strengthening Vital Signs" report. This report identified the opportunities and gaps that exist between city planning and faith based organizations in Calgary.Faith based organizations have been essential to Calgary's history and development. They continue to be vital for ongoing community thriving. The linkages, however, between formal planning processes and faith based organizations, are not as strong or effective as they might be. This means that a deep well of community building intelligence, support, and social infrastructure capacity is under-utilized in achieving the goals that the City of Calgary has set in response to its citizens. Social Cities is continuing to invest in and explore how these vital linkages could be added where missing, strengthened where they exist, and re-configured in new ways for greater positive impact. Our current work involves institution to institution (I2I) partnership and co-leadership of an emerging network of committed organizations. Please contact me if you'd like to be involved.


Strengthening Vital Signs Through Urban Religious Communities

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