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Social and institutional resources to give our cities meaning.


How can we do good together?

Social Capital

How do social connections impact quality of life in cities?


How can we balance freedom and responsibility today?

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Who are the organizational pioneers of our time?

City Soul

Why are religious communities so vital to our cities?

At Cardus we believe cities and related communities are the future of our lives together. They are settings which are dense in social interactions, very complex in their functions, and can be very difficult to change. Historic and contemporary observations strongly suggest that cities are central to a flourishing citizenship but that they can also impair our full participation. This contradiction is part of the great challenge of cities.

The City Soul Explorer Toolkit offers four modules and practical tools to facilitate communication and closer collaboration between city planning and faith-based organizations. The Toolkit outlines a way in which the often distinct worlds of city planners and administrators and community-serving religious organizations can be bridged and brought closer together to build the social capacity of cities, towns, and neighbourhoods.

Collaboration and Feedback

We welcome feedback, engagement, and discussion of strategies and collaboration. I would welcome hearing from you to talk about resources, your local situation, and how we could support what you are doing.

Milton Friesen
Program Director, Social Cities
Senior Fellow
905-528-8866 x124
Hamilton, Ontario


City Soul Explorer Toolkit

The City Soul Explorer Toolkit offers four modules and practical tools to facilitate communicatio...