Spirited Citizenship was launched in 2017, with a goal of stimulating public conversation around religion and faith in Canada.

In the year Spirited Citizenship was established, the Advisory Board operated to determine the framework and approach that the initiative would take. Their contribution was critical to the shape of Spirited Citizenship today.

Establishing Advisory Board

Ray Pennings

Mr. Ray Pennings

Conference Director

Reginald Bibby

Dr. Reginald Bibby

Advisory Member

Yael Levin

Ms. Yael Levin

Advisory Member

A.W. Barber

Dr. A.W. Barber

Advisory Member

Milton Friesen

Mr. Milton Friesen

Advisory Member

Angus Reid

Dr. Angus Reid

Advisory Member

Paul Bates

Rev. Paul Bates

Advisory Member

Shachi Kurl

Ms. Shachi Kurl

Advisory Member