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Cardus Work and Economics is committed to the renewal of an economic architecture that supports a wide array of individuals, communities, and the common good.

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Renze Nauta

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Competitively Working in Tomorrow's Construction
Competitively Working in Tomorrow's Construction

Taking as its basis a thorough literature review and data collected from interviews with a range of construction industry leaders, this study is an informed and descriptive discussion of trends and movements within the industry. Ray Pennings provides insight and analysis of major issues concerning the construction industry, such as construction labour relations and industry innovations.

Buying a Labour Monopoly?
Buying a Labour Monopoly?

This document assesses the operation of Job Targeting Programs and their impact on the construction industry in Canada. The study raises a number of pertinent questions about JTPs and concludes that in practice, JTPs are guided by motives that go beyond cost competition and are part of an attempt to defend a particular system of craft organization in the construction industry.

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