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Brian Dijkema

Program Director, Work & Economics

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America Needs a Conservative Labor Movement
REPORT September 17th

"Conservative social analysts have long celebrated the role of unions in free societies," writes Oren Cass in the Wall Street Journal. "The eminent sociologist Robert Nisbet declared unions 'the true supports of economic freedom.' And as the labor expert Brian Dijkema notes, 'It is no coincidence that what finally broke the Soviet Union was a Catholic trade union.'"

The unlikeliest of unions: Conservatives look to make allies in the labour movement
REPORT September 9th

"There may be no more unlikely union than one between organized labour and the world’s conservatives," report the National Post, "but there has been an increasingly loud chorus of right-leaning thinkers arguing for the improbable marriage."

"The conservative movement has always been suspicious about the concentration of power and has been interested in restraining the abuse of that power," says Cardus Vice President of External Affairs Brian Dijkema, in the National Post. "If you try negotiating — an individual worker — with your boss who hires you and has the ability to fire you, even if you’re protected by law, it’s not an equal relationship. No way. And it strikes me that we shouldn’t be afraid to make that relationship equal."

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