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Government must deliver needed aid for charities
REPORT August 13th

If the current WE scandal is teaching us anything, it’s that there are right and wrong ways for the government to try to advance the good work of charities, writes Cardus Research Manager Stephen Lazarus in the Hamilton Spectator.

Society's helpers need assistance
REPORT August 10th

The time has come to help the helpers, reports the Winnipeg Free Press.

"As the demand for their programs and services is skyrocketing, Canada’s charities and non-profit organizations are facing a bleak future."

Cardus has "called on the federal government to match all donations made to Canadian charities on a one-to-one basis for four months, capping the federal amount at $1.25 billion. When married with the donations made directly to charities, it would mean up to a $2.5-billion injection of cash to the charity sector."

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