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Brian Dijkema

Program Director, Work & Economics

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Canadians faring well during COVID-19 urged to remember struggling charities
REPORT August 21st

Governments don't have limitless resources, so a long-term support for charities is needed as the pandemic drags on. 

"Cardus, a faith-based think-tank in Ottawa, said COVID-19 restrictions haven’t affected all Canadians equally and it estimates the wealthiest 40 per cent of Canadians, through lower expenses and less discretionary spending during the lockdown, have collectively amassed $5.3 billion."

"Cardus reminds Canadians that charities, artists and arts organizations that have been particularly hard-hit by the pandemic would benefit from some of those savings, particularly during a time when more-disadvantaged Canadians will rely on those charities."

Government must deliver needed aid for charities
REPORT August 13th

If the current WE scandal is teaching us anything, it’s that there are right and wrong ways for the government to try to advance the good work of charities, writes Cardus Research Manager Stephen Lazarus in the Hamilton Spectator.

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