A Special Relationship: Canada-U.S. Trade in the 21st Century

A Special Relationship: Canada-U.S. Trade in the 21st Century, by Allan Gotlieb, former Canadian Ambassador to the United States and Under-Secretary of State for External Affairs. The formation of various “trade corridor” organizations, argues Gotlieb, reflects a profound reality that underlines the history of our relationship: North American integration has resulted not from high-level public policy nor central direction from activity that is overwhelmingly bottom-up, reflecting the vast preferences and habits of our population, from one end of our country to the other. To put it in its starkest terms, it is these habits or preferences, not the policies of government, that turned the economic axis of Canada from East-West to North-South. Read Gotlieb's remarks, prepared for the Trade Corridors Roundtable, Monday April 25th 2005, Toronto.