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Driven by desire and made possible by trust . . . It takes faith to run an economy.


We all work. But why? How?


Measuring the health of our communities of exchange and production.


Faith, Work, and Economics: A Guide Book

If you’re visiting this site for the first time, you might have a few questions: what does ...

Is God Good For Cities?

Milton Friesen, Program Director for Social Cities at Cardus, shares the importance of stron...

Why Give? Recovering Charity from Philanthropy

Image from Wikipedia Commons. A technological conception of giving dominates Western thinking ab...

Reconstructing the Alliance Between Christianity and Organized Labour

A historian is a lot like an archaeologist trying to piece together an ancient piece of pottery. ...

Ambition, Influence, and Entrepreneurship

This is Part II of this interview. Read Part I here. JS: Both in Faith in the Halls of Power an...