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Phoenix: PSAC chief’s ‘don’t forgive’ argument weakens union

May 10, 2017

Brian Dijkema in the Hill Times: Robyn Benson’s charge to her members over the payroll debacle is at the heart of why unions in Canada are in decline.
Published by: The Hill Times

Ontario Can Do More to Help Folks Trapped by Payday Loans

February 27, 2017

Cardus Work & Economics Program Director Brian Dijkema offers research-backed testimony on payday loan reforms to committee at Ontario legislature

Competition for Public Contracts is Good for Taxpayers

January 17, 2017

Research shows Ontario cities can save hundreds of millions of dollars with open bidding for contracts.
Published by: Cardus

Protecting the Vulnerable from the Payday Loan Holiday Debt Trap

December 8, 2016

39% of Canadians intend to spend more money this year than last on Christmas gifts and other holiday purchases. What about those Canadians who will turn to "Christmas loans" from payday lenders? Cardus has a few alternative solutions.

Toronto Has Options Other than Toll Roads

November 24, 2016

If Toronto opened construction projects for competitive bids it could reduce the need for tolls by 50%