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Making the most of college (fifth annual) (click to view large)

Making the most of college (fifth annual)

Comment Magazine, September 2010 Issue

When we study God's world—the tiny creatures under our microscopes, the vast galaxies within which our sun and planet whirl, the ways of men and women selling and buying in markets, the making of love and war and law and sausages—we are in the very presence of God, which, when we hear the rustle of his movements, makes the hair stand up on our arms, leaving us trembling and struck quiet in awe.

Making the most of college—making the most of grad school, of trade school, of law school, of seminary or art studio—begins well when you realize where you stand: in the presence of the God who made and patterned all things slowly, according to a mysterious and often frightening design, who in Jesus Christ wrought justice upon the evil we drag around in the world, who by the Spirit offers us comfort as we work towards and await the time when—as Derek Webb sings in one of my favourite songs—"this too shall be made right."

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