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Faithful living (click to view large)

Faithful living

Comment Magazine, December 2010 Issue

In school, in discussions with friends, even in church, we spend a lot of time talking about how we ought to think about our lives. Whose ideas shall we consider? What doctrine should we adopt? But at the end of the day, after we get our worldview together and know all the right things to think and say, after we think we've sorted out our theology, we pack up our books and go home. We sit on our couches, wear our sweaters, cook and eat dinner, read stories, watch movies together. And we can delight in those things because they are good—they are tiny, foggy reflections of the glories of heaven, brought down to earth for us, here, now.

In this issue of Comment—coming, as it does, in a season when we gather indoors with friends and family to find comfort together in the stuff of both God and man's creative acts—may our celebration of the true things come together in one magnificent jubilee in honour of the true God.

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