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Cardus Education Survey: Phase II Report (2012) (click to view large)

Cardus Education Survey: Phase II Report (2012)

Research Publication

How do Canadians students rate their education? How do they fare—years later, decades later—in their cultural and civic lives? The Cardus Education Survey 2012 report examines graduate outcomes of both government (public) and non-government schools, comparing them to each other and to the stated aims of every provincial education ministry. Data collected by Angus Reid's Vision Critical polling.

Use the sidebar at right to choose your format. The 2012 report is available in digital form for free (for a limited time), and in printed form at cost.

Also available for download: the Cardus Education Survey 2012 Extended Data Pack, 187 slides that present a larger sample of Cardus' findings than could be discussed in the 2012 report.

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