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The best of Comment

Comment Magazine, August 2005 Issue

Every few decades a magazine emerges that reinvigorates the North American public intellectual scene, and eventually reshapes the political and cultural landscape. In the 1930s it was the Partisan Review's amalgam of Trotsky's politics and Eliot's poetry. In the 1970s it was Commentary's cold warrior/supply sider/traditional values neoconservatism. Comment can do this job in the early 21st century—provided we become the journal of choice of tomorrow's Christian leaders while they are still in college.

This issue of Comment is special in the sense that the scope of issues addressed and the points of view articulated have been selected to represent the mission and character of the Work Research Foundation (now Cardus). The mission of Cardus is to influence people toward a Christian view of work and public life. In this issue you will find a Christian view of work and public life articulated in a wide variety of ways, and by a rich array of voices. You will read about various situations in which these issues have been thrashed out—including among fishmongers and labour unions, student groups and city intellectuals.

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