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Making the most of college (second annual) (click to view large)

Making the most of college (second annual)

Comment Magazine, September 2007 Issue

This is our second annual issue of Comment with the theme "Making the most of college" (or university). In 2006, we considered a number of Big Questions that young adults must answer, and practices that help answer those questions: "What do I love?" (and the asking of big questions in general); "What do I believe?" (and the reading of good books, learning from history, studying philosophy, and studying art); "Who are my friends?" (and making friends for life); and "What should I be doing with my life?" (and cultivating the skills of writing and leadership). Following our March issue on commitment and our June issue on conviction, we focus our September issue on the cultivation of community: making and learning alongside the friends who will shape us. We hope you will also learn how to cultivate your convictions, how to lead, and how to seek the shalom of the city in which you live. And don’t forget delights like cheering on sports teams or dressing well!

Digital download of this issue is now available! Beside "Format:" in top right, choose "download PDF." Comment digital issues are for personal use only; please, remember this is a charitable enterprise, and do not forward or post online.

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