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The Rule of Law, The Way of Love (click to view large)

The Rule of Law, The Way of Love

Comment Magazine, March 2016 Issue

Now is not the time to stand up defending "law and order." Trust has been lost. The ruling face of "law" we've seen broadcast from Ferguson and Baltimore and Chicago has too often been thuggish. And while young men with minor infractions languish, bankers who plundered the savings of a generation remain immune from prosecution.

And yet, the mechanisms of law, policing, punishment, and (hopefully) rehabilitation are a crucial feature of human society in the saeculum, this long era between the fall and the eschaton. In a redeemed but broken world, our cultural labours are not only creative and generative; sometimes they have to be remedial and protective.

The animating conviction of this issue of Comment is that if we want to understand law in the narrow, "juridical" sense—and especially if we want to prophetically critique how it is legislated, enforced, and administered—we need to zoom out to a wider appreciation of the law-like nature of creation itself. This wide-angle consideration of law points to a very different way to imagine the law—as a gift woven into the very fabric of creation, not merely a remedial response to sin.

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