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The nature of human relationships, ranging from the individual to the largest social structures of contemporary culture, constitutes the life of our cities. These relationships create the foundation for either the demise or success of civil society.

Increasing the common good of our cities requires that all of the resources within and around them interact as effectively as possible. This includes social and institutional resources that range from the very local, where we spend most of our lives, to the regional, national and global contexts we are part of.

That’s where Cardus comes in, we take stock of the best ideas and practices in research and policy development that focus on these dynamics of cities. We work in the tension of research, policy development and activism. Our reports, projects, pilots, case studies, and events are all intended to support ongoing investment in the common good.

Cardus has a track record for thoughtful, sound research, and we believe we have an important contribution to make to this conversation. But, We need your help. Research that stands up in the public square requires resources and the success of the Cardus mission depends on financial support from generous donors.

Please consider donating so that we can continue the conversation on what a flourishing city looks like and how we get there.

Thank you for your investment!

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"The Cardus Institute" is a Canadian charity (no. 11892 9207 RR 0001). In the United States, "Cardus, Inc." is a designated Exempt organization under section 501(c)(3), classified as a Public Charity (ID no. 20-2324150).

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