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Leadership Lessons from Vimy Ridge (click to view large)

Leadership Lessons from Vimy Ridge


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April 9, 1917—Canadian troops lead a critical Allied attack on a formidable German stronghold, capturing the hill and shatterring the enemy line in spectacular fashion.

Thoughtful and thorough strategy, courageous and well-trained soldiers, and the skillful leadership of heroes like General Sir Arthur Currie are directly credited for the success.

think #9 presents Dr. John Pellowe in a dramatic production of Leadership Lessons from Vimy Ridge. First posing as a foot soldier, then as General Sir Arthur Currie, Pellowe briefs the audience on strategies to build their teams, enhance organizational effectiveness and inspire all management levels (executives, managers and supervisors) to achieve extraordinary results.

This think is a live recording from a 2005 Work Research Foundation presentation of Leadership Lessons from Vimy Ridge at the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum, Hamilton.

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