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Your Values & Your Dollars . . . Do They Connect?


Think Lecture

thINK #5 is about money and about personal values, and how they matter to each other.

New foundations and university chairs starting springing up everywhere, jumping on the ethics, honesty, transparency and fairness bandwagons. And there's no doubt that this was a good thing, especially in a North American culture that's more willing every day to overlook or ignore truth. It's always a good idea to look in the mirror very deeply.

But in this edition of thINK we're going to go deeper. We believe that dealing with money as a Christian means a lot more than simple honesty and staying within the rules. What you believe, and the worldview out of which you live, affects not only your own financial behaviour, but affects the very structure of financial markets, and helps to decide what&'s important in the world of investment.

This discussion matters to everyone, not just those in the financial "inner circle." Every person and every organization has values and priorities, and financial instruments and marketing machines are no exception. At the Work Research Foundation, we're always arguing that these worldviews exist and that they really do matter.

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