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Every square inch

Comment Magazine, March 2009 Issue

Comment is about living toward the vision of a renewed earth: living in the everyday of our ordinary responsibilities with a bright hope and relentless resolve born out of a certain assurance that a day will come when all that is wrong in the world will be set to rights.

When we are called to give attention to every square inch of the world as it truly is, we notice the signs of meaning and of promise, even as we stare our own evil and the evil of our neighbours in the face. With this issue of Comment, we hope that all of us, as we read and ponder the Jubilee words gathered for us in these pages, will be emboldened to live our ordinary lives with extraordinary delight.

Digital download of this issue is now available! Beside "Format:" in top right, choose "download PDF." Comment digital issues are for personal use only; please, remember this is a charitable enterprise, and do not forward or post online.

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