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Legacies Legacies

In this issue of Comment, we reject both our tendencies to ignore and to idolize the past. Instead, we seek to draw the good out of legacies, as we acknowledge that all legacies east of Eden will always be, at best, mixed.

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How and Why We Should Read the Old Testament for Public Life Today How and Why We Should Read the Old Testament for Public Life Today Ryan O'Dowd introduces and curates a series of articles on how and why we should read the Old Testament for public life today.
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Persuasion Persuasion In a fragmented world, what we get is not persuasion, but posturing, pronouncements, and political ultimatums. This Comment refuses to play by those rules.
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We Believe in Institutions We Believe in Institutions In this issue of Comment we proudly profess that we believe in institutions . . . and so should you.
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Patronage: Why We All Need to Invest in Culture Patronage: Why We All Need to Invest in Culture

I hope this issue of Comment will prompt you to ask questions you haven't considered before, so that you might see your daily life anew and thereby take hold of your calling as a patron.

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Faithful Compromise Faithful Compromise So this issue of Comment undertakes an audacious goal: to redeem compromise. We want to recover a sense in which compromise can actually be faithful, a good, tangible expression of our commitment to shalom.
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The Word of God and the City of Man The Word of God and the City of Man

The Bible has done its proper work when it produces a certain kind of person. Scripture's target is not primarily ideas or worldviews. Scripture aims to shape people. And people moulded by the Word of God not only bring that Word to the city of man. In union with the eternal Word, they are the Word of God in the city of man.

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Cardus Coursepack - Worldview Cardus Coursepack - Worldview

Welcome to the Cardus Worldview Coursepack. We are delighted to present some of the best pieces from Comment's recent archive for this volume.

Browse the full preview or watch the high-def promo video on Youtube here!

The good society The good society

"The good society." To dare to speak this way is to hope. It presumes that there is an order for our families, schools, governments, magazines, poets, employers, even our protestors to harken back to.

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Letters to the Young Letters to the Young

This Comment crystallizes a sensibility that might seem countercultural: that the young—hungry for guidance, advice, expertise, and criticism—have something to learn, and that their elders are a source of wisdom.

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Faithful living Faithful living

In this issue of Comment, may our celebration of the true things come together in one magnificent jubilee in honour of the true God.

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Making the most of college (fifth annual) Making the most of college (fifth annual)

Making the most of college—making the most of grad school, of trade school, of law school, of seminary or art studio—begins well when you realize where you stand: in the presence of the God who made and patterned all things slowly...

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Skillful living Skillful living

Comment readers and writers are seeking practical answers to the big questions of life with requisite fear and trembling. We need to answer in ways that are more than merely relevant, that are prophetic—not simply enough for today, but enough for what tomorrow may bring.

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The story The story

The story of God's great deeds—creation of all things; judgment of vicious human rebellion; redemption of all things—told in the Bible is the context within which we at Comment understand and approach everything. In this issue, we have asked our contributors to recount the episodes of that story, and we publish an editorial manifesto, broadcasting our most deeply-held convictions on the origin, coherence and purpose of existence.

The story is true, and has consequences. Consequences for how we live, consequences for how we understand the lives of our neighbours. See these illustrated in the essays—literary and photographic—that surround our manifesto and the central thread of creation-wonder, fall-heartbreak, redemption-hope.

Come and explore with us.

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Making the most of college (fourth annual) Making the most of college (fourth annual)

As my colleagues and I put together this fourth annual Making the Most of College issue of Comment, I was vividly aware that we are addressing it, for the first time, also to my own children, and their friends....

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Responding Responding

To be human is to be responsible. And this ability to respond is of a particular kind, because of that to which it responds: the love of God, expressed in God’s blessings and promises.

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Every square inch Every square inch

Comment is about living toward the vision of a renewed earth: living in the everyday of our ordinary responsibilities with a bright hope and relentless resolve born out of a certain assurance that a day will come when all that is wrong in the world will be set to rights.

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Signs of hope Signs of hope

In this issue of Comment we have asked several of our contributors to explore various aspects of hope—to write about movements of hope in Protestant and Catholic Christianity; to explore possibilities for hope in China and in the relationship of North American political communities to their Muslim citizens; and, in our symposium, to tell us of signs of hope they are noticing.

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The desires of the heart The desires of the heart

We seem to be living in a moment of renewed interest in Augustine of Hippo, and much of that interest concerns his teaching on love . . .

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All things new All things new

While we impatiently follow in the wake of the work of the Spirit of God, waiting for the complete re-booting of heaven and earth, we need more communities like L'Abri and more little jubilees . . .

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Finding our way to great work Finding our way to great work

The vocational counsel in this issue of Comment is not all imbued with the dark wisdom of these Three Bad Psalms. Nor is it all glitter and no gold. We hope you will find our authors' servings to be savoury, and their guidance light.

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Making the most of college (second annual) Making the most of college (second annual)

This is our second annual issue of Comment with the theme "Making the most of college" (or university).

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Summer reading Summer reading

In this Comment, we ask you to read along with others, to consider the big questions others have asked, and to open yourself to reshaping and to life-sustaining coherence.

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Building business Building business

This issue of Comment contains advice to students who plan to make a life in the world of business—including, but not limited to college business majors and MBA students. In addition to the valuable advice offered by our authors, I want to suggest that future business people read widely and think hard about the three questions I’ve asked, and engage in serious conversations with mentors and friends in an effort to come to the kind of answers that will help guide a lifetime of good stewardship and leadership in the marketplace.

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Making the most of college (first annual) Making the most of college (first annual)

This issue of Comment explores the possibilities and challenges of college life, with an emphasis on the big questions of life. Comment is committed to cultivating the next generation of cultural leaders. It is, indeed, in the college years that most people make the decisions that will guide them as they provide leadership throughout their adult years.

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City & country City & country

In this issue, Comment explores the meaning of the city: its social and architectural design, its politics, its provision of a space for the arts, and its relation to the church. We look forward to the conversations that this exploration will provoke, and hope that the dialogue will help us understand better the proper place of both city and country in human lives lived well.

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What is to be done? What is to be done?

What we are offering in this print issue of Comment are notes toward a Christian social manifesto, encouragements toward the beginnings of a discussion of the strategic question.

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The best of Comment The best of Comment

This issue of Comment is special in the sense that the scope of issues addressed and the points of view articulated have been selected to represent the mission and character of the Work Research Foundation (now Cardus). The mission of Cardus is to influence people toward a Christian view of work and public life. In this issue you will find a Christian view of work and public life articulated in a wide variety of ways, and by a rich array of voices.

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