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Toronto the Good

Introducing the new marquee study for the WRF’s Stained Glass Urbanism Project, Toronto the Good. This investigative report brings urban centres and their religious institutions back into the dialogue of city building. Inside Toronto the Good you will find substantial, qualitative and original investigations with bearing on the problems and potentials...

Going Local

Going local is the sort of Millennial mantra that gets play on both sides of the partisan playground. For conservatives, going local is about devolution, federalism, small government, and individual responsibility. For liberals, going local is a political act of opposition to faceless corporations and bureaucracies, a cultivation of authenticity and...

Conversations: Geoff Ryan, "The Recession's Urban Impact"

Municipalities are feeling the burden of shrinking budgets and soaring deficits, after years of tight finances.

Geoff Ryan

Geoff Ryan is a Major in The Salvation Army, continuing a family tradition that goes back four generations. Following a year-long assignment in the First Nations village of Gitwinksihlkw in Northern British Columbia, Geoff and his wife Sandra were appointed as members of a six-person team sent to reopen the work of The Salvation Army in the Soviet Union...