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Geoff Ryan

Geoff Ryan is a Major in The Salvation Army, continuing a family tradition that goes back four generations. Following a year-long assignment in the First Nations village of Gitwinksihlkw in Northern British Columbia, Geoff and his wife Sandra were appointed as members of a six-person team sent to reopen the work of The Salvation Army in the Soviet Union...

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Geoff Small

Geoff Small was born in St.Thomas, Ontario and continues to live in the Golden Horseshoe region. After graduating from McMaster University with a degree in Classics and another in History, he then went to journalism school and graduated in 2009 with an advanced degree, and now writes on a freelance basis.

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Welcome to the Cardus Worldview Coursepack. We are delighted to present some of the best pieces from Comment's recent archive for this volume. Browse the full preview or watch the high-def promo video on Youtube here!