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Cardus Education Survey: Phase II Report (2012)

How do Canadians students rate their education? How do they fare—years later, decades later—in their cultural and civic lives? The Cardus Education Survey 2012 report examines graduate outcomes of both government (public) and non-government schools, comparing them to each other and to the stated aims of every provincial education ministry....

Cardus Coursepack - Worldview

Welcome to the Cardus Worldview Coursepack. We are delighted to present some of the best pieces from Comment's recent archive for this volume. Browse the full preview or watch the high-def promo video on Youtube here!

Donation: Toward a Warmer Climate

Warming the climate for non-government schools in Canada is about enriching the soil for the next generation of gradutes. Public education is bigger than just government schools. The Toward a Warmer Climate project celebrates the contribution that non-government religious schools make to public education.

Cardus Education Survey: Phase I Report (2011)

Do Christian schools deliver on their promises? Cardus reports on the largest-ever sample of Christian school graduates and administrators in North America, focusing on students' spiritual formation, cultural engagement, and academic development. This report is available for purchase in PDF or book form, and and its accompanying curricula are available...