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Competition and Cooperation

This policy paper presents the case for a new framework of understanding labour relations in Canada. Taking insights which move debates about labour beyond the pendulum of pro-union and anti-union policies, it proposes a new policy within a new framework. This new framework limits the state; removes anti-competitive legislation that favour one means...

Stepping Forward 2005: The Face of Construction is Changing

A compilation of the findings and ideas tabled at the Stepping Forward 2005 conference. This document is invaluable for the wealth of experience it brings together and distills to address some of the most serious challenges facing the Construction Industry.

Working Local: A study of Stationary Labour in Canada’s Construction Sector

Expanding on the findings made in Working Mobile, Ray Pennings further illuminates the labour situation in Canada's construction Industry by surveying local workers. Contact the Construction Sector Council to order a copy.

Restrictive Tendering: Protection For Whom?

It makes sense that most of our public debate about infrastructure spending focuses on revenue. Where will we get the money? Who will pay? How? Which tax structures will be needed to build our bridges? Should we borrow to pay for our water treatment plants and subway lines? If so, how much? But too heavy a focus on revenue can lead us to neglect sound...