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Cardus Education Survey: Phase II Report (2012)

How do Canadians students rate their education? How do they fare—years later, decades later—in their cultural and civic lives? The Cardus Education Survey 2012 report examines graduate outcomes of both government (public) and non-government schools, comparing them to each other and to the stated aims of every provincial education ministry....

Cardus Education Survey 2016: Educating To Love Your Neighbour

The 2016 Cardus Education Survey report is available now. This is the second instalment focusing on Canadian graduates. In this report our goal is to provide a "fuller picture of Canadian graduates." That is, too many studies of graduate outcomes provide a reductive analysis of how well education prepares one for a good job. While this matters, our...

The California Table: Connecting Education and Culture

An energetic group of thirty-seven educators, administrators and business and cultural leaders gathered in California in December 2007 to begin an intense discussion of how culture movements happen, how education can better contribute to culture change, and how networks of passionate leaders can cultivate and embrace change together. Out of the California...

Cardus Education Survey: Phase I Facilitator's Guide (Parents and Supporters)

The curriculum package for parents & supporters of Christian schools will equip you to lead fellow parents, grandparents, strategic planning volunteers, board members, and other stakeholders through a meaningful, productive discussion of the educational efforts of your Christian school, based on the national CES results. Available free of charge in...