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Where is the Research?

The rapid movement towards compulsory certification by Ontario's College of Trades is occurring in a research vacuum. Thus, significant regulation of a wide swath of the construction industry is being built before the design stage is complete. It is incumbent on us to carefully identify data incongruencies and gaps and to provide concrete evidence for...

Toward a Warmer Climate for Ontario's Private Schools

What is Ontario going to do about its private schools? Cardus explores the need for a serious policy review in this discussion paper by Dr. Derek Allison, emeritus professor in the education faculty at Western University. "Something of a chilly climate has developed toward non-public schools in Ontario," writes Allison. This report argues to politicians,...

Toronto the Good

Introducing the new marquee study for the WRF’s Stained Glass Urbanism Project, Toronto the Good. This investigative report brings urban centres and their religious institutions back into the dialogue of city building. Inside Toronto the Good you will find substantial, qualitative and original investigations with bearing on the problems and potentials...

Hewers of Wood and Drawers of Water or a Land Flowing with Milk and Honey?

Canada's economy is increasingly reliant on construction: what is fuelling this, and what challenges and opportunities does this pose for Canadian policy makers?