Dr. Dwight Newman

Senior Fellow, Religious Freedom


Dr. Dwight Newman, QC, is Professor of Law and Canada Research Chair in Indigenous Rights in Constitutional and International Law at the University of Saskatchewan. He holds a BA in Economics (Regina), JD (Saskatchewan), BCL, MPhil, and DPhil (Oxford), and he has recently completed coursework (graduation pending) for a MATS in the History of Christianity from Regent College at UBC. Following law school, he clerked for Chief Justice Lamer and Justice LeBel at the Supreme Court of Canada, worked for NGOs in South Africa and Hong Kong and for Justice Canada in Ottawa, and completed his graduate studies at Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar. Since joining the University of Saskatchewan faculty in 2005, he has published widely on constitutional law issues, Indigenous rights issues, and other areas. Along with a hundred articles or book chapters, he has published fifteen books, including Community and Collective Rights: A Theoretical Framework for Rights Held by Groups and edited collection Religious Freedom and Communities, both of which have been cited by the Supreme Court of Canada in religious freedom cases. He is a member of the Ontario and Saskatchewan bars and has provided legal advice to various clients on constitutional issues.

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