Kaelynne Makan

Marketing Officer


Kaelynne Makan is Marketing Officer at Cardus. She has a BA in English and Theology from Tyndale University and is currently completing a postgraduate program in Technical Writing. She started Liturgy and Calligraphy, where she sells her watercolour art and writes spiritual reflections.

Kaelynne loves hospitality, one-on-one chats, long walks or runs, reading, cooking and making fermented foods, including sourdough bread made from a 30 year old starter. She grows ghost peppers and makes hot sauce with her husband on their balcony garden and she has a cuddling problem with her two kittens.

Born in Canada and raised around the world, she is very happy to be settled in her all-time favourite city, Ottawa, with her husband, IJ. She is involved in her local parish and her dream vacation is to travel around and look at beautiful cathedrals.

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