Marisa Casagrande

Senior Researcher


Marisa Casagrande is a senior researcher at Cardus. 

Deeply interested in aspects of wellbeing and community capacity-building, Marisa Casagrande’s background includes over 10 years of research and analysis in this area, with some occasionally forays into the teaching of young minds. She has worked in academia as well as the non-profit and government sector, often acting as a liaison between these spaces. Most recently Marisa has served as a policy advisor for the Federation of Canadian Municipalities. Prior to this, Marisa worked on projects for Citizenship and Immigration Canada, Human Resources and Social Development Canada, and Cardus Health, including a case study on end-of-life care in Ottawa.

Marisa holds a Ph.D (ABD) in Comparative Public Policy from McMaster University. Her research explored how different aspects of human capability interact with structural and social aspects of the community to influence human flourishing and wellbeing. Marisa also holds an M.A. in International Relations/Global Development Economics and a B.A. from the University of Waterloo in Political Science (minor in Peace and Conflict Studies and International Development). 

When Marisa is in the city, she thrives on the exchange of ideas.  On her downtime, she loves spending time with family and friends, preferably close to nature and a dock, with a good book close at hand.  

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