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The Joy of Sex, the Pangs of Labour
January 15, 2015
by Brian Dijkema
There's potential for an unlikely romance between workers' rights and family values
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Work, Play, Love ... and Learn
January 22, 2015
by Matthew Beimers and Darryl DeBoer
Schoolwork is real work.
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Inequality, Gentrification, and Justice: Continuing the Conversation with Jonathan Bradford
June 26, 2014
Jonathan Bradford with James K.A. Smith

The human condition can put up with disconnection for only so long. We are critters who like to be in packs. We had thirty years of people trying to be away from one another. I think we are cycling out of that bad idea.

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  1. In Memory of Jack

    January 23, 2015 | Doug Sikkema

    I’m not going to say I was close to him because, really, I wasn’t. After he left the school I only saw him a handful of times at various community events. He would...
  2. Competing Stories, Inspired Conversations

    January 22, 2015 | Beth Green

    I’ve been there. I went to both private and state schools. As an educator, I’ve taught in a variety of institutions, both private and public, Christian and secular...
  3. Reflections from the Camino: Part II

    January 20, 2015 | Julia Nethersole

    Last fall, Cardus’s Julia Nethersole walked Spain’s 775-kilometre Camino Francés. Find the first section at Reflections from the Camino: Part I. Six years ago, I...
  4. Our Neighbours' Eyes

    January 15, 2015 | Peter Stockland

    Years ago, I commissioned an illustration for a magazine piece on intermarriage between Jews and Gentiles. When the art came in, I scrutinized it for subliminal naughtiness&md...
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