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"Why Do I See the World So Differently?"
August 14, 2014
by Charles Taylor with James K.A. Smith

How existential questions of faith compelled philosopher Charles Taylor to write "A Secular Age".

Charles Taylor is a Roman Catholic philosopher and author of A Secular Age.

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Beyond "Engagement": The Next Conversation We Need About Politics
May 1, 2014
by James K.A. Smith

Looking elsewhere for the robust embrace of politics that will speak today—to our time and place and audience.

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Inequality, Gentrification, and Justice: Continuing the Conversation with Jonathan Bradford
June 26, 2014
Jonathan Bradford with James K.A. Smith

The human condition can put up with disconnection for only so long. We are critters who like to be in packs. We had thirty years of people trying to be away from one another. I think we are cycling out of that bad idea.

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