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A Theology of Immigrant Labour
April 30, 2015
by Ruth Melkonian-Hoover

It's crucial that foundational thinking on this issue comes not simply from the media or our politicians, who too often are willing to discuss immigration for motives which fall outside those key questions about public justice, and immigrants' rights, duties, and responsibilities.

Ruth Melkonian-Hoover is an associate professor in Political Science and International Affairs at Gordon College.

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Money: The Unlikely Mentor
March 5, 2015
by Fred Smith

Because money talks . . . about virtue.

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Inequality, Gentrification, and Justice: Continuing the Conversation with Jonathan Bradford
June 26, 2014
Jonathan Bradford with James K.A. Smith

The human condition can put up with disconnection for only so long. We are critters who like to be in packs. We had thirty years of people trying to be away from one another. I think we are cycling out of that bad idea.

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