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Canadians have deep and genuine concerns about the expansion of medical assistance in dying (MAiD). As federal politicians consider Bill C-7, which would expand access… Read More


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Religion and GDP

It may be time to take a second look at the public relevance of religion for the most unexpected reason: economics. What if we told… Read More

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Our Research

Look Before You Leap: The Real Costs and Complexities of National Daycare
REPORT May 6th

The federal budget of 2021 offers national daycare at a cost of $30 billion over five years, with an annual cost of $9.2 billion after that. This sounds like a lot of funding, but is it enough?

This research report offers a detailed assessment of the real cost of national daycare and the amounts that provincial governments will realistically be responsible for contributing once the federal funding is spent.

Unchartered Territory: A Historical and Critical Analysis of Alberta’s Prohibition on Religious Charter Schools
REPORT April 21st

Mild reforms were recently introduced to Alberta’s charter-school policy, but a most unaccommodating prohibition remains: Charter schools cannot be religious.

A Black Woman at War
by Natasha Sistrunk Robinson
COMMENT April 29th
Open Wide and Say Law
by Faye Sonier and Kiely Williams
CONVIVIUM April 28th
The Literature of Social Change
by Katherine Sorrell
COMMENT April 29th