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Canadians have deep and genuine concerns about the expansion of medical assistance in dying (MAiD). As federal politicians consider Bill C-7, which would expand access… Read More


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Religion and GDP

It may be time to take a second look at the public relevance of religion for the most unexpected reason: economics. What if we told… Read More

Introducing NextGen Fellowship

NextGen - A Program for Faith and Public Leadership

A new year-long leadership development opportunity for young leaders (aged 25-34).

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  • Application Deadline: June 1st

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Our Research

Unchartered Territory: A Historical and Critical Analysis of Alberta’s Prohibition on Religious Charter Schools
REPORT April 21st

Mild reforms were recently introduced to Alberta’s charter-school policy, but a most unaccommodating prohibition remains: Charter schools cannot be religious.

Look Before You Leap: The Real Costs and Complexities of National Daycare
REPORT May 6th

The federal budget of 2021 offers national daycare at a cost of $30 billion over five years, with an annual cost of $9.2 billion after that. This sounds like a lot of funding, but is it enough?

This research report offers a detailed assessment of the real cost of national daycare and the amounts that provincial governments will realistically be responsible for contributing once the federal funding is spent.

A Black Woman at War
by Natasha Sistrunk Robinson
COMMENT April 29th
Open Wide and Say Law
by Faye Sonier and Kiely Williams
CONVIVIUM April 28th