Special Focus

A Chance for Something New

Going back to the same life we had before the COVID-19 pandemic won’t be possible – and isn’t what we want anyway. With so much… Read More


How can lottery and gaming in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, and the Atlantic provinces work for, not against, low income households?… Read More

Social Isolation and Loneliness

Social isolation was a major problem before COVID-19. But in the context of a pandemic it’s even more important. Loneliness was and is a… Read More

Our Research

Royally Flushed: Reforming Gambling to Work for, Not Against, Atlantic Canada
REPORT July 15th

The Atlantic provinces disproportionately taxes the poor though gambling to pay for government programs

The Potential to Give During the COVID-19 Pandemic
REPORT July 22nd

Canada’s charitable sector will prove to be pivotal in helping Canadians through these challenging times. But the revenues of charitable organizations have been falling. For Canadian charities to continue carrying out their important missions in helping to provide those in need with food, clothing, shelter, and emotional support, Canadians are going to have to increase their giving.

Diversity and the Common Good
by Natasha Sistrunk Robinson
COMMENT July 30th
What Is "the Church"?
by Peter Kreeft
COMMENT July 23rd
A World Remade
by Anne Snyder
COMMENT July 16th
Embodied Histories
by Heidi Deddens
COMMENT July 9th
Hospice Stands Firm Against All-Out Assault
by Peter Stockland