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Charities have been described as “our society’s shock absorbers when crisis hits.” The COVID-19 pandemic is placing a tremendous strain on Canadian businesses, households, and… Read More


How can lottery and gaming in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, and the Atlantic provinces work for, not against, low income households?… Read More

Social Isolation and Loneliness

Social isolation was a major problem before COVID-19. But in the context of a pandemic it’s even more important. Loneliness was and is a… Read More

Our Research

Child Care in Post-Pandemic Canada
REPORT September 8th

We argue that the following three principles should undergird child-care policy in post-pandemic Canada: Place the well-being of the child first; recognize families’ diverse situations and needs; provide funding that all families can access equitably, and embed it in a comprehensive and flexible family policy.

Read the B.C. case study

Read the Ontario case study

Child Care During the Pandemic: Ontario
REPORT September 8th

Unprepared and uncertain about the duration of the economic shutdown, the child-care sector in Ontario was deeply affected by the COVID-19 crisis. What can be learned from the experience and what lessons can be applied in the future should a second wave of the virus return to Ontario?

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