Special Focus

A Chance for Something New

Going back to the same life we had before the COVID-19 pandemic won’t be possible – and isn’t what we want anyway. With so much… Read More

Breaking Ground

Join us on June 4 as we launch Breaking Ground, a special project dedicated to galvanizing the Christian imagination from a wide array of voices to… Read More

Social Isolation and Loneliness

Social isolation was a major problem before COVID-19. But in the context of a pandemic it’s even more important. Loneliness was and is a… Read More

Our Research

The Canadian Marriage Map
REPORT May 27th

A compilation of data on marriage

A Call to Action to Support Canadian Civil Society in Response to COVID-19
REPORT March 20th

Cardus is offering a clear plan of action to equip Canada’s governments to supply immediate financial support to charities in order to protect their capacity to provide crucial front-line services during and after the immediate crisis.

A Letter to C.S. Lewis
by Jerry Root
COMMENT May 28th
A Letter to Dietrich von Hildebrand
by John Henry Crosby
COMMENT May 28th
Dear America
by Larycia Hawkins
COMMENT May 21st
Recalibrating Education
by Peter Stockland
A Saskatchewan Legacy
by Alan Hustak