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Broad Support for MAiD in Canada Has Caveats and Concerns
REPORT November 10th

The story of Canadian attitudes toward medical assistance in dying (MAiD), or doctor-assisted suicide, is a complex one. It is clear that general support for MAiD has increased since it has become legal, but for most Canadians, many caveats accompany their support. This public opinion survey by the Angus Reid Group, commissioned by Cardus, outlines the many caveats and concerns Canadians express about the breadth and speed of the expansion of MAiD.

Matthew House: Case Studies in Faith-Based Social Service
REPORT November 10th

Matthew House Ottawa provides services to refugee claimants, offering them a temporary place to live in Ottawa, Ontario, and access to an established support network as they start their new life in Canada.

Leadership in Uncertain Times
by Ed O'Malley
COMMENT October 29th
Crisis Philanthropy: Challenges and Opportunities
by David Weekley and Robin Bruce
COMMENT October 29th
Why Not a Notwithstanding Pause for MAiD?
by Don Hutchinson
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by Jonathon Van Maren
CONVIVIUM November 23rd
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by Asher Imtiaz
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