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A Chance for Something New

Going back to the same life we had before the COVID-19 pandemic won’t be possible – and isn’t what we want anyway. With so much… Read More


How can Ontario lottery and gaming can work for, not against, low income households? In the wake of questionable Ontario Lottery and Gaming (OLG) spending, … Read More

Social Isolation and Loneliness

Social isolation was a major problem before COVID-19. But in the context of a pandemic it’s even more important. Loneliness was and is a… Read More

Our Research

The Impact of COVID-19 on the Federal Tax Credit for Charitable Donations
REPORT July 7th

Canada’s charitable sector will prove essential in helping those in need through the economic, social, and emotional hardships of the pandemic. But the sector is reeling from the effects of COVID-19 on its revenues, and this is why government partnership is needed. Cardus has proposed an innovative matching-funds initiative to help sustain charities through these times. Such a program need not be viewed as entirely new spending by the federal government.

Loneliness and Social Isolation
REPORT June 29th

This backgrounder is intended to provide context for Cardus’s focus on loneliness and social isolation. Cardus research is intended not only to raise awareness and provide insight into a particular area of public life, but also to stimulate action and behavioural changes that have a positive impact on social flourishing.

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