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Educational Choice in Alberta

April 23, 2024 | 12:00pm - 4:00pm

Alberta Legislature Building

Cardus Education has big plans for 2024. In April, we’ll be at the Legislature in Edmonton, and we want to formally invite you to join us. On April 23, we’ll be hosting a one-day event where we’ll be releasing a brand-new flagship research paper, connecting with policymakers, and presenting the future of educational pluralism in the province.This will be n full-day celebration and advocacy effort. First, please join us at a lunchtime reception at the Legislature, from 12-1:30pm in Room XX. This reception will give you a chance to review our just-released research paper Naturally Diverse Alberta, and to debate and discuss its findings and the impact it will have going forward with the authors, Cabinet ministers, MLAs, senior decision-makers, and industry representatives. This paper carefully analyses the independent school sector and shows the many different students and communities it serves, how it grows organically, and the benefits for children across the wider education system, too. We can't wait to share it with you. The second part of the day will be a panel discussion with hugely respected figures from the world of education, including XXXXXXXX. You'll get the chance to hear from the experts and put your views and questions to them directly. This will run from XX – XX in Room XX, also at the Legislature. As Cardus continues to push for increased educational pluralism, we want to share with you our latest research into this vital issue, as well as hear your feedback and questions. In joining us, you'll not only get an unrivalled insight into the nuances and detail of independent schooling and broader educational choice, but you'll always be helping us by challenging our research and pushing us to go further. Please sign up using the link below. We very much hope you can join us and we look forward to the discussion.

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Be the first to hear about our latest research, press releases, op-eds, or upcoming events.