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Research Report

Pandemic Fallout

Learning Loss, Collateral Damage, and Recovery in Canada’s Schools

Dr. Paul W. Bennett

November 29, 2023

Work & Economics
Research Report

Humanizing Criminal Records

Toward a View of the Whole Human Person

Renze Nauta

November 23, 2023

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Policy Memo

Submission to AMAD Committee Studying MAID for Mental Disorders

Cardus made a submission to the parliamentary committee studying Canada's readiness to expand MAID to mental disorders as the sole underlying condition. We recommend an indefinite pause and assert that Canada is not and will not be prepared for the March 2024 expansion. We ask the committee to consider readiness beyond that of practitioners, including readiness of the existing MAID system, the most affected populations, and the Canadian public.

Dr. Rebecca Vachon Andreae Sennyah

November 16, 2023

Research Report

Climate and the Crib

Do Environmental Concerns Reduce Fertility?

Lyman Stone

November 15, 2023

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Policy Memo

Cardus Presentation to Senate Committee on Bill C-35

Comprehensive publication of the results from the child care agreements must be emphasized to ensure that the program meets parental demand, serves the diverse needs of Canadian families, and is being provided at a high quality.

Peter Jon Mitchell

November 10, 2023

Policy Memo

Memo: SOCI Committee’s Study of Bill C-35: An Act Respecting Early Learning and Child Care in Canada

Cardus made a submission to the Senate committee studying Bill C-35: An Act respecting early learning and child care in Canada. We argue that the bill is unnecessary and enshrines an inequitable program. However, if Senators support Bill C-35 to the next legislative stage, Cardus recommends several amendments to strengthen the legislation.

Peter Jon Mitchell Andrea Mrozek Andreae Sennyah

November 10, 2023

Research Brief

Backgrounder on the Canada Child Benefit

Considerations for the Future

Rhys Patrick Peter Jon Mitchell

October 17, 2023

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Faith Communities
Research Report

Polling with the Angus Reid Institute

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Child Care Funding Update

Implementation of the Canada-Wide Early Learning and Child Care Agreements