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Alberta Should End Bachelor of Education Requirement for Skilled Trades Teachers

The solution to Alberta’s shortage of skilled tradespeople begins in the classroom.

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12 Remarkable Canadians Named to NextGEN Fellowship

Announcing the fourth group to participate in the NextGEN Fellowship program.

Alberta’s Federal Child Care Agreement Fizzles in First Year

Implementation challenges mar rollout of national child care program in Alberta.

NWT Leaves Most Federal Child Care Funding Unspent in First Year

The territorial rollout of the federal child care program has been marred by funding confusion and controversy.

Inclusivity in Education: A Progressive Vision for School Choice

School systems in which governments fund and regulate, but don't exclusively deliver, public education can support progressive goals.

Canadian Christians’ Beliefs Often Defy Traditional Teachings

Canadian Christians’ beliefs don’t necessarily match what their churches teach, according to a major Cardus study.

Christian School Educators Embrace AI Risks, Benefits

Many Christian school educators use artificial intelligence for work but worry about how AI affects students.

Alberta Independent Schools’ Enrolment Soars

Alberta independent schools show diversity, growth, and community focus

STATEMENT on Canada Disability Benefit in Federal Budget 2024

The new Canada Disability Benefit must ensure that access to work is a first-order goal.

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Be the first to hear about our latest research, press releases, op-eds, or upcoming events.

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