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Ethical Problems and Inequities Remain in Canada’s MAiD Regime

A Cardus discussion paper raises important, unresolved ethical questions related to euthanasia and assisted suicide.

Freedom and Equality Not in Conflict, Report Tells Legal Community

Far from opposing one another, neither freedom nor equality can exist without a meaningful guarantee of the other.

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New Research Helps Explain Why Religious Women Have More Kids

New research has uncovered several possible reasons why being more religious is often associated with higher fertility.

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Federal Immigration Plan Could Offset Canadian Secularisation

Welcoming a potential 1.5 million new Canadians by the end of 2025 could help sustain and strengthen the role of religion in society and public life.

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STATEMENT regarding Ontario Daycare Space Creation in Ottawa

Cardus Family Program Director Peter Jon Mitchell issued this media statement in response to the Ontario government’s announcement of funding for new daycare spaces in Ottawa.

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Good Jobs can Help Ex-Offenders Stay Away from Crime

As concerns about crime rise and debate rages about bail reform, leaders are struggling to find solutions. Curbing Crime with Employment: Exploring Work as Crime Prevention for Canadians with Criminal Records examines a relatively unexplored idea that could help over the long term.

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Alberta Business Leaders Should Demand Better from School System

Debates about education are often a tug-of-war between parents and school boards. In this open letter, Michael Van Pelt calls on business leaders to get involved too.

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Cardus Announces 2023 NextGEN Fellows

Twelve remarkable young leaders will soon begin a nine-month journey as Cardus NextGEN Fellows.

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Toronto Can be Safer With Better Choices

Support for fair and open contract bidding is building in Toronto—the last Ontario city that still reserves construction contracts for companies associated with a select group of favoured unions. Our research brief makes the case for why Toronto simply can’t afford to keep paying more and getting less.

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