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Our Mission

Imagination Toward a Thriving Society

Cardus is a non-partisan think tank dedicated to clarifying and strengthening, through research and dialogue, the ways in which society’s institutions can work together for the common good.

Interview with Vice-President of Research, Lisa Richmond

We are non-partisan

We do not advocate for any political party or candidate. We share our work with everyone equally and seek to collaborate with all people of goodwill. In all our interactions, we try to embody conversational hospitality, listening, and learning from others, including those with whom we disagree.

We are Christians

We are formed by the teachings of Jesus and by the Christian social thought tradition as it has developed over centuries. Some of the core themes of this tradition are that all human beings are made in the image of God and worthy of dignity, freedom, and justice; that the poor and disadvantaged deserve special attention; and that governments have an important, but limited, function that includes enabling other civil society institutions to thrive. This tradition seeks the good of all people, regardless of their particular religious faith or absence of faith.

We offer imagination toward a thriving society

Our vision is of people, institutions, and governments working together for the common good. We call this the “social architecture.” We seek to clarify and strengthen the work of society’s institutions, such as the voluntary sector, the family, the school, labour unions, and faith communities. We aim to see the whole picture, with all its complexity and interconnectedness. We believe in a hopeful future.