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In the midst of an avowedly secular Canadian public square, the increasingly pressing question for many of us is what does it mean to be a Christian in all aspects of our life?

Cardus has been thinking about this question perennially since its founding twenty years ago. Ever since then we have striven to translate the richness of the Christian faith tradition into the public square for the common good.

As we continue to work to that end, Cardus Ottawa has become the home for a network of Christian young professionals in the National Capital Region: Communio. Hosted by Fr. Dcn. Andrew Bennett, Program Director for Faith Communities, Communio inhabits that comfortable Cardus space of forming leaders and engaging in thoughtful conversations about faith and culture all in an atmosphere of conviviality and Christian community.

Communio Seeks the Following

  • To bring together young Christian professionals to engage with the Christian tradition both ancient and modern.
  • To encourage young professionals to be confident in living out a public faith.
  • To learn from those who have gone before us, and those who are living today.
  • To build and nurture an ecumenical Christian community through convivial events and opportunities to grow in friendship and love of Christ.

Communio will host

  • Monthly presentations and discussions and times of Christian friendship. These will be typically held on the 3rd Thursday of each month.
  • Joint events with Cardus NextGen Fellows and Cardus Coffeehouse.
  • An annual weekend retreat in the autumn centred on fellowship and prayer with presentations from Christian thinkers and discussions on how to live a public faith.

For its 2023-2024 season, Communio’s Third Thursday discussions will be on the following theme:

“Is a Christian society possible? Do we seek it?” We will discuss the economic, political, cultural, moral, and environmental responses to this fundamental question.

We would like you to be involved in building Communio as the pre-eminent community of Christian young professionals in Ottawa.

If you are interested in participating, or if you are a member of the clergy who would like to recommend young professionals from your community, please fill out the form below.