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Canada Suffers from Religious Amnesia

Rev. Dr. Andrew Bennett warns that Canada, along with the broader western world, suffers from religious amnesia on two fronts.

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Hockey Canada’s Culture Problem—and the Porn Problem Making it Worse

No real change will come to Canada's hockey culture without dropping the tacit cultural acceptance of what’s considered sexual entertainment.

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National Daycare Program Builds Monopoly at Expense of Parents

Canada's $30-billion daycare program takes a sledgehammer to the diverse network of care families previously enjoyed.

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Palliative Care Only Received in Final Weeks for Many Children

Canada has a long way to go to improve palliative care for children.


Palliative Care for Children Needs Major Improvement in Canada

Federal leaders need to pay special attention to the need for children's palliative care.

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Archbishop Sues Quebec Government over Assisted-Suicide Law

Quebec is a displaying a "radical ideology that simply cannot countenance opposition" to euthanasia and assisted suicide.

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How Well Does Canada Do Children’s Palliative Care?

Rebecca Vachon outlines the gaps in children's palliative care in Canada.

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Has the Tide Turned Against the National Daycare Program?

The national daycare program debacle could reignite interest in other ways of making child care affordable.

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Could Toronto Avoid a Property Tax Hike With Ontario’s Bill 66?

Fair and open construction contract bidding could eliminate any need for a tax hike in Toronto.

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